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My nickname is xieyezi, I am a front-end developer from China, I love sharing and open source, my GitHub star count has reached 1.3k+. The main technologies mastered includes:

These are the repo I'm involved in maintaining:

And more repo in There.


Recently I focus on Typescript, Vue And Vite, as its ecosystem and community are exploding, I am write some plugins or tools based on them. At the same time, I am also write some Visual Studio Code or Node.js tools to improving DX for developers on my team.


I am now working for Changan Auto. I'm transitioning from Front-end Engineer to Front-end Architect, And My main focus right now is:

  • Upgrade the architecture of the old project (using the monorepo and Compostion-API).
  • Changan Auto micro-application framework development work.
  • Construction of infrastructure, including front-end development specifications, scaffolding, etc.
  • Responsible for technical training and Code Review of front-end developers.


In my free time, I write some posts in Juejin to summarize and share. Luckily, I have received great feedback and my articles have reached 200k+ views!

Here are some of my latest posts about Web.

And more post in There.


I am very honored to participate in the 2022 chongqing front-end conf light-talk hosted by Ant Group, and the name of the topic I shared is: Exploration of Changan Auto Mobile Application Front-end Architecture.

The content mainly includes the exploration of the front-end architecture of the Changan Auto Cloud-Control App, from the initial centralized development mode to the micro-front-end architecture mode. The technology stack is also upgraded from Option API to Composition API and Javascript to Typescript.


You can find me in @xieyezi Twitter, @xieyezi Github, @xieyezi Juejin, @xieyezi Wechat.

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